Bangladesh Civil Service

Bangladesh Civil Service, more popularly known by its acronym BCS, is the elite civil service of the Government of Bangladesh. It originated from the Central Superior Services of Pakistan. Since independence it has been known by Act as Bangladesh Civil Service. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) is the main policy setting and recruitment body of BCS. BCS has 28 cader services. BCS recruitment system consists of - preliminary MCQ test, written test, viva-voce, final result publication, medical test, police verification and finally appointment.

General cadres:

* 1. BCS (Administration): Assistant Commissioner
* 2. BCS (Police): Assistant Superintendent of Police
* 3. BCS (Customs & Excise): Assistant Commissioner (Customs & Excise)
* 4. BCS (Taxation): Assistant Commissioner of Taxes
* 5. BCS (Audit & Accounts): Assistant Accountant General
* 6. BCS (Ansar): Assistant District Adjutant (Ansar & VDP) / Equivalent Posts
* 7. BCS (Food): Assistant Controller of Food / Equivalent Posts
* 8. BCS (Cooperatives): Assistant Registrar
* 9. BCS (Trade): Assistant Controller of Import & Export / Equivalent Posts
* 10. BCS (Postal): Assistant Post Master General / Equivalent Posts
* 11. BCS (Railway Transportation & Commercial): Assistant Traffic Superintendent
* 12. BCS (Economic): Assistant Chief
* 13. BCS (Information): Information Officer / Equivalent Posts
* 14. BCS (Family Planning): Upazilla Family Planning Officer
* 15. BCS (Foreign Affairs): Assistant Secretary

The technical cadres are:

* 1. BCS (Public Works): Assistant Engineer
* 2. BCS (Roads & Highways): Assistant Engineer
* 3. BCS (Telecommunications): Assistant Divisional Engineer
* 4. BCS (Public Health Engineering): Assistant Engineer
* 5. BCS (Forest): Assistant Conservator of Forest
* 6. BCS (Health): Assistant Surgeon / Medical Officer
* 7. BCS (Railway Engineering): Assistant Engineer
* 8. BCS (Livestock): Veterinary Assistant Surgeon / Upazilla Livestock Officer
* 9. BCS (Fisheries): Upazilla Fisheries Officer
* 10. BCS (Statistics): Statistical Officer
* 11. BCS (General Education): Lecturer
* 12. BCS (Technical Education): Lecturer
* 13. BCS (Information), Technical: Assistant Radio Engineer (This cadre has both general and technical category posts)
* 14. BCS (Agriculture): Agricultural Extension Officer

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) is the central personnel agency for the government of People's Republic of Bangladesh. Its chairman is Dr. Saadat Husain. The agency conducts several examinations for prospective employees.


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